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Some basic facts

1) ASTKA schools and clubs are NOT like other Kenpo schools around Northern Colorado...

When you visit any of the various other Kenpo places, ask the owner and staff who they studied with...none can truthfully say "over 10 years with Edmund K. Parker", because none have...they may have met him a number of times, or attended some of his seminars, and having done so, claim to have 'studied' under him...however, just as in the academic world, where one attends many classes for long periods of time to qualify as a student, this meager level of experience with Ed does not qualify one as a 'student' of his, or anyone else's for that matter...


Why is this important? 

Depending on your perspective, it may not be. However, keep in mind that 'legacy' can be very important in the Art you study. Again, just as in the academic world, the closer to the source, the truer the knowledge.


Who your instructor(s) / teacher(s) is / are, will determine the level of quality (detail, sophistication and effectiveness) of the Art you're studying and paying for, and also the legitimacy of your promotions. 


A Sifu, Sensei or Teacher, that is knowledgeable, skillful, and highly regarded and respected within his / her  Arts community, will share with you their methods of developing the Art you seek to perfect, and your diplomas will never be questioned.


On the other hand, there are schools around, where you can learn sub-par Kenpo from instructors with questionable knowledge, skill, rank and time in the Art. 


Mr. Hughes teaches at the schools and clubs of the ASTKA, utilizing his core curriculum that was honed by Ed Parker. He expounds on this method during instructors classes.

We are first and second generation practitioners of Mr. Parker's Art.


2) Those of us Mr. Parker deemed his students, actually had many lessons with him (usually each week, either in his front room, his Pasadena school, his Santa Monica School or at our own school if we had one), and are his 'true' 1st generation Black Belts... As such, we have been the purveyors of his system of American Kenpo Karate since his passing in 1990...


3) Over time and not being anywhere near the source, others have been taught a watered down form of Kenpo, and they in turn, continue to teach the same...hence, the practical self-defense aspect of Kenpo virtually no longer exists at those schools...they are perpetuating the learning of weak movements that won't work on the street...Neither the teachers nor their students ever develop the high level of Kenpo skill Mr. Parker encouraged his Black Belts to attain.


4) The ASTKA's Legacy is  strong and un-questionable (see Mr. Hughes' bio).


5) The ASTKA clubs are NOT "BELT FACTORIES" where you show up for a test, pay your fee and automatically pass, even if you don't know the full curriculum for that rank, or can't perform it at the required skill level. Here, you won't pass if you don't know the curriculum and can't demonstrate the required level of proficiency for that rank, period...


6) The ASTKA clubs DO NOT use "CYCLES" that require you to test every 9 weeks or whatever. This 'cycle' method of instruction is a ploy to extricate more testing fees from, the average person can NOT possibly learn the curriculum and develop the corresponding skill level for that rank, in 9 become proficient at defending yourself, you train at your own have all the time you will test for higher rank when you are ready, and you will get there...period. 


7) Success at Loveland Kenpo Karate Club requires commitment on your part.

You must practice. There is no other way.


I will promise that if you decide to train at Loveland Kenpo Karate and stick with it, you will realize:

        1) An in-depth knowledge of American Kenpo Karate self defense technique.

        2) A skilled proficiency level that will allow you to protect yourself and/or your loved ones for REAL.

        3) Higher levels of flexibility, strength and overall fitness.

        4) A heightened sense of 'Symmetry and Balance' throughout your body.

        5) A sharper memory.

        6) A REAL sense of accomplishment.

        7) The opportunity for socialization...a lot of our students become good friends.

        8) A great way to "Do something different" for a change.

        9) Many other benefits while practicing the Art of Kenpo Karate.

Loveland Kenpo Karate Club

Fort Collins and Loveland, Colorado

Please Call 970-980-8852 for more information...

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